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Meet Our Board

NARS Leadership is comprised of industry leaders representing rail shippers, railroads, ports, and industry partners. Our Board member dedicate their time and talent to helping the NARS organization foster network and education for our rail shipper and railroad members across North America.


Committee Chairman

Bruce C. Mann

NARS First Vice President

Port Houston

Director, Freight Mobility

Awards Committee

Ray Hufnagel

NARS Treasurer

Plastic Express

President & CEO

Sponsorship Committee

Kate Luce

NARS Secretary

Mississippi Export Railroad

President & CEO

Scholarship Committee

John Meyers

NARS Second Vice President

DM Bowman Company

Southeast Sales Manager

Marketing Committee

Tom Tisa

NARS Immediate Past President


Head of Business Development

Nominating Committee

Board of Directors

Gary Brown

Executive Director of Pacific Northwest Association of Rail Shippers (PNWARS)

PL Cartier


President of Pacific Northwest Association of Rail Shippers (PNWARS)

Susan Cox

Executive Director of Southwest Association of Rail Shippers (SWARS)

Bob Gerard

President of Southeast Association of Rail Shippers (SEARS)



Janet H. Gilbert

Fletcher & Sippel L.L.C.

Stefan Loeb

Watco Companies LLC

President of Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS)

Scott McCalla

Executive Director of North East American Rail Shippers (NEARS)

William R. Schauer

Executive Director of Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS)

Linda Turner

Executive Director of Southwest Association of Rail Shippers (SWARS)

Jeffrey J. Usher

Association of American Railroads

Dennis Wilmot

Iron Horse Logistics

President of Northeast Association of Rail Shippers (NEARS)

Past Presidents

Tom Tisa


2020 and 2021

Dana Burleigh

Lynch Logistics, Inc.

2018 and 2019

Richard Dodd

2016 and 2017

Glen Courtwright

2014 and 2015

Jenny Krueger

2012 and 2013

Allan Roach

2010 and 2011

Diane El-Hakim

2008 and 2009

Bill Schauer

2006 and 2007

Curt Warfel

2004 and 2005

Jack Dail

2002 and 2003

Ken Enzor

2000 and 2001

Ray Sanford

1998 and 1999

George Elking

1996 and 1997

Ivan Olson

1994 and 1995


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