The NARS 2023 Annual Meeting — we are returning to Chicago over May 24-26, 2023


NARS recognizes two SWARS Members at their 2017 Annual Conference in San Francisco

Dave Garin, Group Vice President, Industrial Products, BNSF Railway, was recognized with NARS’ Lifetime Achievement Award. In additions to attending NARS’ Meetings for the past 20 + years, Dave has been instrumental in securing speakers for these organizations, as well as making presentations at their meetings. Dave also financially supported NARS through BNSF Sponsorships. Congratulations to Dave for this recognition! Dave announced he will retire later this year…we will miss him!


Linda Turner, Manager – Logistics Planning for Americas Styrenics, was recognized with NARS’ Person of the Year for 2016. Linda was elected to SWARS’ Board in 2000 and continues to be an integral member of our board today. Linda served as a SWARS Officer for 10 years, and as our President from 2007 – 2009. Linda has been a faithful NARS attendee since her days as a SWARS Officer. In addition to attending NARS’ meetings, Linda has also served on NARS’ board and participated in many board meetings. She worked to identify and secure speakers for NARS meetings. In 2015, Linda was named Chairman of NARS new Marketing & Branding Committee. She has worked tireless to establish a ‘revised’ identity for NARS to inform (new members as well as former members) of a ‘new, refreshed’ organization that will better-serve, inform and educate NARS’ attendees. Congratulations to Linda!!!

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